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When the Lotus/Domino Technotes database was transferred to IBM in January, 2002, the Lotus technical information was merged with that for all IBM products.  It is now buried deep within the IBM database.  This makes it exceedingly difficult to find what you need.  Use the search below to get directly to the information for Lotus Notes, Domino and other Lotus Products.

If you want to conduct a more complex search, or you want to search other Lotus or IBM products, you can search the entire IBM database starting here: The home page for IBM support is here:

Enter your search terms in the space below, and click the "Search" button.  The search will be conducted by the IBM/Lotus Web site, and the results of your search will open in a new browser window.

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Please Note: These are the product categories as designated by IBM.  The "Lotus Domino" category seems to do best at finding things like Technotes for Domino or Notes, but other categories may be more appropriate.  We are somewhat confused by these categories.  For example, we don't know what the difference is between the "Lotus Notes" category and the "Notes" category, but they do seem to produce different results.
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