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There may not always be commercial software that will satisfy your business needs. When properly designed, customized software can be more efficient to use than commercial software, will enhance your business processes, and it can link with other software critical to your business.

Glenn Orenstein Consulting will develop new software suited to your needs, and we can revise existing custom software, enabling it to operate more efficiently.

Lotus Notes and Domino
Custom development in Lotus Notes and Domino is a specialty of Glenn Orenstein Consulting.  Please see our complete description of the Notes-based services we offer.

Microsoft Visual Basic
We have over ten years experience in developing custom software in Visual Basic. Visual Basic enables us to develop robust applications making full use of the Windows graphical interface.  Visual Basic software that we've developed range from a directory publishing system for a newsletter publisher to an interface between Lotus Notes and a commercial document management system.

Microsoft Access
Applications developed in Microsoft Access combine advanced database technology with superb report creation.  As an example, an order fulfillment system that we developed in Access combines order management with postal and Internet distribution.

"Legacy" Software
Most organization have have at least one major application created in an outdated development environment.  We are prepared to maintain and enhance software written in Clipper/dBase, FORTRAN, Basic, and a variety of other programming languages.  Our knowledge of these development systems allows us to efficiently move them into a more current and supported environment.


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