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Lotus Notes Development

Efficiency and effectiveness in business requires working collaboratively with your staff, business partners and customers.   Lotus Notes is the most powerful collaborative software available today, providing strong capabilities in electronic messaging (e-mail), calendar and schedule, integrated work-flow, security, and Web-integrated processes.  Notes is particularly adept at managing large amounts of not-easily-tabulated data.  Custom applications developed for the Notes environment enable you to implement efficient, standardized business processes.

Glenn Orenstein Consulting, Inc. provides many services related to Notes customization, including business analysis, programming, project implementation and training.  Glenn Orenstein is a Principal Lotus Certified Professional

Key Benefits

  • Software-assisted collaboration lowers your cost to do business and raises your effectiveness in the marketplace.
  • Business analysis examines you current methods, providing ways to be more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Using Notes unparalleled security model in your custom applications ensures your trade secrets remain secrets.
  • Custom applications can be tailored to the specific and unique needs of your business.

Here's a sample of some customized applications developed by Glenn Orenstein Consulting, Inc.

Integration of Scanning, OCR and PDF into Lotus Notes
Integrated full-featured document scan-ning and OCR capabilities into a Notes-based commercial library automation package and into a commercial records management system. Features include handling multiple scanners, creating Adobe PDF documents from the scanned files, extracting the full text via OCR from the scanned document, and automatic generation of a document abstract.
IT Request System
This application, used by the staff of a large, multi-location engineering firm, allows staff to request computer hardware, software and telephone equipment. The application incorporates complex work flow in which the list and order of approvers is determined by what's being requested and by which department. The IT Request System is integrated with three additional Notes applications, a catalog of approved IT hardware and software, a database of corporate information (HR, office and account number information), and the Notes public name and address book.
Instant Survey System
This application is a template used to create surveys for a specific topics. It allows a an e-mail to be sent to survey participants. When the recipient clicks a button in the e-mail, his/her browser is launched with the survey. The button can be delivered by any form of Notes e-mail. The user's ID is captured, even though the browser is accessing the database anonymously. Respondents are prevented from taking the survey more than once. This template is used to create surveys for anything from commuting habits of employees to preferences for the next Christmas party.
Mass Mailing System
This application allows internal e-mail messages to be sent on the basis of either 1) a list of names, 2) name and address book groups, 3) specific Notes organizational units (OUs), 4) specific locations, 5) specific mail servers, or 6) the entire company. If there is an attachment to be sent with an e-mail, the attachment is posted to an Intranet Web server, and the e-mail contains a URL link to the attachment. In that way, the attachment is not repeated in each message, and a significant space savings is achieved.
IT Asset Management System
This is a tracking and allocation system used to manage the physical assets of an information technology department. It is used by IT area managers to allocate hardware and software. Central asset management staff uses the application to book new assets and retire old ones.

Please see our additional qualifications in Lotus Notes.


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