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Whether your office has two computers or two thousand, you can benefit from the advantages of networking.  A simple network can be inexpensive and easy to use, allowing you to share resources, data and documents.

Key Benefits

  • Provide for simple disaster recovery.  A backed up network is your best defense against loss of data, giving you the opportunity to recover lost information, whether due to human error, theft or disaster.
  • Share resources for low cost and efficiency. One networked printer can easily support ten people on your network.  Two networked printers means that there is redundancy and backup in the event one printer becomes inoperable.
  • Share Internet access.  A single high-speed Internet line can support multiple networked users, providing Web and e-mail access.
  • Gain protection from hackers and crackers.  Using a properly-configured network, you can establish a robust "firewall" between your business and the world outside.


Glenn Orenstein Consulting, Inc. is experienced in networking professional offices in a cost-effective manner.

For a Law Firm
We set up a multi-site network connecting 50 employees in seven locations in five states.  Each site is firewall protected and backed up off-site.  Computer support is managed remotely from a single location.
For a Financial Service Firm
A network was configured that allows employees in offices 2,000 miles apart to work cooperatively.  Each end of the network is firewall protected, and a virtual private network (VPN) connects the offices.
For a Newsletter Publisher
We installed and configured a network connecting four professionals' PCs.  This network provides for sharing of high-speed Internet access, printers and other computer equipment.
For a Legal Office
We installed a network that allows lawyers to share documents with each other and with administrative personnel.  Internet connectivity provides access to e-mail and to legal research services such as Westlaw and Lexis/Nexis.

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