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About Glenn Orenstein
Summary of qualifications

I consider myself, first and foremost, a consultant. My role is to advise my clients and provide them with solutions. I am particularly strong at devising practical, cost-effective solutions to end-user problems. I am able to draw on broad business experience as well as through technical knowledge of hardware, software and development tools. I am able to understand my clients’ needs in their terms, and to translate them into solutions in technical terms.

I have over twenty years experience in the management of information technology. My experience includes the management of traditional computing facilities, advanced technology, applications programming and computer-aided design/engineering. I have had full management responsibility for staffs as large as one hundred full-time people.

My company, Glenn Orenstein Consulting, Inc., has been serving businesses like your since the beginning of 2000.

My ability to manage information technology is based on my background and experience as a practicing engineer. I have advanced degrees in structural engineering, and am registered in four states. As a result, I am in an unusual position of being able to act as a bridge between the business and technical needs and the technical and administrative side of information technology.

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I am an experienced Lotus Notes applications developer. I have developed practical systems incorporating advanced security models, automated work flow, and operating system interfaces.

Technical Skills

  • Lotus Notes:
    Application developer. Thorough knowledge of LotusScript, formula language, JavaScript, e-mail integration, Domino Web development, integration with other database systems.  Please see our additional qualifications in Lotus Notes.
  • Visual Basic:
    Programmer and developer. Database integration.
  • Web:
    HTML, JavaScript, IIS, FrontPage, CGI interfaces.
  • Languages:
    Visual Basic, LotusScript, C, Perl, Fortran
    Legacy: Fortran, dBase/Clipper, Basic, MS-DOS, PC assembly language.
  • Hardware:
    PC installation, maintenance and repair.

Consulting Experience

  • Developed an order fulfillment system for book and newsletter publishers
  • Developed a database and user front end for the publishing of a 400-page directory.
  • Provided start-up services and ongoing support to a legal office.
  • Providing ongoing consulting to many professional-services firms, including financial advisors, law firms and medical practices

Work Experience

Glenn Orenstein Consulting, Inc.       2000 - Present

President.  Provides application development and information technology services.  Specializing in Lotus Notes and Visual Basic computer applications, and in general computer services to small to medium-size professional offices.

Stone & Webster Engineering, Boston, MA 1984 – 2000

Stone & Webster is among the foremost engineering/construction firms in the United States. It specializes in the design and construction of large process plants, including electrical power, chemical and petrochemical.

  • Technology Leader
    Introduced and grew local-area networks. Introduced and grew internal electronic mail and Internet E-mail. Responsible for selection of CAD and document management systems. Introduced Internet, and developed Stone & Webster’s Internet and Intranet sites. Set hardware and software standards for the corporation. Grew desktop computing from 40 IBM PCs to 3,000 desktop workstations.
  • Business Leader
    Introduced cost-saving measures that reduced cost of computing, communications and business processes. Responsible for vendor selection, negotiation and contracting.
  • Manager of Technical Support
    Through a staff of 22, provided corporate end-user support, including network operations, user training and help desk.
  • Manager of Information Technology Department
    Managed a department of 100 dedicated to providing business re-engineering and project support services. Technology areas included CAD, GIS, configuration management and document control.
  • Software Developer
    Developed applications in Lotus Notes, Visual Basic, Perl and Microsoft Access. Experienced in all facets of Notes development.
  • Manager of Computer-Aided Design
    Converted company from a closed-shop CAD operation to a distributed, project-based system.
  • Consultant
    Provided studies and advice in computer-related matters to diverse clients such as the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority and a nuclear power plant in Lithuania.


Ph.D. Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.
M. S. Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.
S. B. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge.  Major: Civil Engineering.

Recent Publications

Glenn S. Orenstein, "How to Create Yahoo-Like Web Folder Navigation," DominoPower Magazine (, September, 2001 issue. The complete article may be viewed at

Glenn S. Orenstein, "Making Your Modem Work With Ten-Digit Dialing," Memo - Published for the Members of the Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce, January, 2001, Page 1.

Glenn S. Orenstein, "Reusing the Web Address Dialog From the Notes R5 Mail Template," DominoPower Magazine (, December, 2000 issue. The complete article may be viewed at

Glenn S. Orenstein, "EEVL: Engineering Information Portal," The CyberSkeptic's Guide to Internet Research, Volume 5, Issue 8, September, 2000.


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